Some Background on the Research

Below are links to background information about the various projects to which this blog is dedicated.  Also, see the post below this one for some general information about the overall project.

1.Bishops Cave Nazareth – The Greek Orthodox Bishop of Nazareth has a cave under his residence.  Preliminary data was collected from this cave in summer 2014 using ground penetrating radar in the various passages.  We plan to further this part of the project by completing additional geophysics which will further designate areas in the cave for future excavation.  The attached document is a letter to the Bishop outlining what we currently know based upon the summer 2014 research and asking to further these efforts in January 2015.  We just heard a few days ago that the Bishop has granted our research group access to the cave for further study.

2.GPR in Nazareth Israel.Article – This is an article from a meeting proceedings wherein previous research in Nazareth by our research group is discussed.

3. Nazareth Report to the IAA – The Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) requires that research reports are written and submitted as part of the process of requesting permits to conduct further research.  The attached document is a report based on research in Nazareth completed in December 2012.  Based on this report, permits were approved by the IAA to continue this research in Nazareth and to expand the project to include areas around and under St. Gabriel’s Church of the Annunciation.

4.Nazareth.Maps.diagrams – This file contains the maps and diagrams completed as part of the December 2012 research in Nazareth.  As the chief cartographer for the project I am responsible for collecting all the data necessary to produce the maps and diagrams for the project, and then for all aspects of production.

5.rhodes.background.proposal– From January 12th to 23rd we will be working on a new project in Rhodes Greece.  The attached document outlines some background information for the project, as well as discusses parts of the research design.

6.Tel Yavne G-68-2013 Report to the IAA – Our research group has been working at Tel Yavne in Israel since 2003.  The attached document is the report submitted to the IAA for this site.  We hope to visit Tel Yavne in January for a half-day to collect additional needed data about the ancient pottery factory we located in 2008, and worked near in December 2012.

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