Good Morning from Nof Ginosaur Israel

It is 5:15 am in Israel. All the flights and connections to get here went well, but it made for a long day. The research team slept atvthe Nof Ginosaur Kibbutz last night and will do so for the next few nights. It is still a working Kibbutz but most of the workers are now from the Philippines and most of the accommodations have been turned into an economy resort. Being right on the Sea of Galilee makes it a summer destination. Since it is winter now the number of guests is sparse.Today I am going to a meeting with the IAA representative for our projects here to discuss expectations and preferred outcomes. That is this morning and then we are doing some work at the Akko archaeological site near Haifa. Akko is a University of Haifa permitted site where Dr Michal Artzy is the project director. I plan to meet with her today to discuss possibilities for student and faculty exchange.   Haifa has very strong science programs. An interesting twist for today is that they are calling for snow in the highlands. The snow line is supposed to extend down to an elevation of about 500 meters which is the elevation of Nazareth which is where we are supposed to work tomorrow. On with the day. I will provide an update tonight. If you want to find out more about Akko I will provide a link shortly.


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