Last Day in Israel

Sunday January 11 was our last full day in Israel and hence our last work day.  The day was spent at Bethsaida doing GPR on the line we laid out on January 10th, and ERT in the area of a postulated escape tunnel from the main ruined palace in the city.  The ruler of Bethsaida in the iron age would have used this tunnel to escape the palace if the city were under siege.  Depicted below is an aerial image taken from a drone several years ago, depicting the location of the tunnel.


The ERT line was placed perpendicular to the arrow to determine if the remains of such a tunnel, which would have allowed escape through both in inner and outer defensive wall of the city, are buried in the rubble.

We finished at Bethsaida around 4 PM. and returned to the Kibbutz to prepare for the big event at 8:05 PM.  What was the event?  The Packers versus the Cowboys that was being broadcast live on the Middle Eastern Television network.  Being a Packers fan I was overjoyed with the victory.

At 1 AM we packed up the vehicles for the two hour ride to the airport.  Our flight to Atens Greece left at 6 AM.  We are now in the Athens Airport waiting for out 1:20 PM flight to Rhodes to begin phase two of the research.  Rhodes is about an hour long flight.  Tonight we are scheduled to have dinner with our collaborators from the University of the Aegean in Rhodes and local government officials.  On Tuesday we are scheduled to visit all four sites where we will be conducting research, to get the “lay of the land” so to speak.  Wednesday will be our first full field day.  More later once we arrive in Rhodes.

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