It Has Been Awhile

Greetings from Pittsburgh.  It is amazing how time flies.  My last post from Greece was in late January, and I fully intended to provide an update upon my return to Pittsburgh.  Well, here is my update some five-months later.

All of my equipment made it back to the USA safe and sound.  I just spent the past three months analyzing data and creating maps and diagrams for the project based on the mapping and geophysical research.  They are now finished and the final report has been created for the Greek Archaeological Authority.  As part of the final report submission, we also submitted a request for a research permit to continue the research in January 2016.  I will publish all the maps and diagrams shortly to the blog, as well as the report we created.  Keep an eye out for these items.

One more item is that, based on the success of the project in Rhodes, the research group was invited to do a project in Vilnius, Lithuania in just a few short weeks.  I depart on June 20th and we have eight work days scheduled in Vilnius.  We will be working with the Israel Antiquities Authority on a project they are working on in Vilnius.  It involves locating a 14th century synagogue, the ruins of which are now buried under the city.  We have a location where the mapping and geophysical analysis is to take place in hope of locating the remains of the synagogue.  I plan to continue this blog for that project as well.

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