The Maps and Final Report for Greece are Done

The data analysis and production of maps, diagrams and a final report related to the project are completed and are attached below.  The report and all the maps and diagrams were submitted to the Archaeological Authority in Rhodes as part of the process of securing a research permit to continue the research in January 2016.

Rhodes.report1 – Final report and permit application to continue research in Rhodes, Greece in January 2016.

Below are all the maps and diagrams that I produced, as the chief cartographer for the project.  They are organized from a very general location map (first in the list), to slightly more specific location map (second), to even more specific location maps (third and fourth), to maps and diagrams specific to the four study sites in Rhodes (five through thirteen).  These maps and diagrams combine general location data, with data specific to the GPR analysis, with many of these maps and diagrams incorporated into the final report.

country.greece – Location map of the Island of Rhodes, Greece

island.base.rhodes2 – The Island of Rhodes with the town of Rhodes indicated. – The Northern section of the Island of Rhodes with the town of Rhodes and old city indicated. – Old city of Rhodes highlighted with the four study locations indicated.

kahal shalom – Map of the Kahal Shalom Synagogue complex with GPR sites highlighted.

shalom.detail – Map of Kahol Shalom Synagogue with more detailed depiction of the GPR transects. – Map of the Church of the Victory ruins with the GPR grid depicted. – General depiction of the Kahal Grande Synagogue site with GPR grid shown. – Depiction of relationship between the ruins of Kahal Grande Synagogue and the ruins of an adjacent church.

ottoman.palace1 – Spatial relationship between the Ottoman School and the Palace of the Knights Templar with the GPR grid in the courtyard of the palace indicated.

grand.gpr.detail – More specific depiction of the GPR grid and related walls at the Palace of the Knights Templar. – Photo depiction of the GPR grid adjacent to the Ottoman School.

ottoman.walls.detail – Depiction of ancient walls at the Ottoman School.

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