Time to Turn the Page–The Vilnius Project (June 2015)

Time to change gears from all the data analysis, map and diagram production and report writing for the Rhodes Project, and to turn our attention to the project in Vilnius, Lithuania.  The same research group that worked in Rhodes, has been invited to work on this project in Vilnius.  Once again our research design involves the use of high technology to try to write and rewrite the history of Judaism in what is now Lithuania.  We are working with a group from the Israel Antiquities Authority, who are cooperating with a group of local researchers, to find the remains of a 14th century  synagogue that is now buried under the now cosmopolitan and bustling city of Vilnius.  I depart for Vilnius on June 20th, arrive on June 21st and our first work day is June 22nd.  Once again Dr. Richard Freund from the University of Hartford, similar to Nazareth and Rhodes, directs our part of the project.  I am one again the chief cartographer in charge of all parts of the project related to the collection of spatial data and mapping.  Dr. Harry Jol, a longtime colleague and friend from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, will one again be in charge of the geophysics.  Below are two preliminary reports related to the research.  One is in Lithuanian, but it contains some good photos and diagrams.

A Ground Penetrating Radar Survey of The Great Synagogue and Schulhof of Vilna-Word Document – The initial proposal for our portion of the project.

daubaras_vilniausmsav_vilniausm_vilniausdidžiojisinagoga – A report about the project in Lithuanian.

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